Board warranty and care

MOJO CUSTOM BOARDS as your contractual partner for MAUI ULTRA FINS boards grants a 12 month general warranty for MAUI ULTRA FINS boards.

The MAUI ULTRA FINS boards are designed to be enjoyed for many years, moreover you can significantly expand their lifetime and the amount of pleasure it can deliver by taking good care of it by following the advices bellow:

Vent screw
Proper operation of the vent screw is the essential term of the warranty coverage! Every board has open cell EPS core, therefore temperature fluctuation can raise air pressure inside that may harm the sandwich structure if not released. The pressure must be released by opening the vent screw every time the board is out of the water. We strongly recommend not only opening but fully taking out the screw for better air flow especially for airline travels, long-haul trips or extended storage in the car or on the roof rack. Make sure to close the vent screw every time before hitting the water. Avoid any contact with water while the vent screw is open, however if it happens put the board upside down to the sun.

On the water
Your board is constructed to withstand the tear and wear by the dynamics of windsurfing. However hitting with your mast or boom can make damage. Each board has integrated nose, tail and deck protection, though consider using additional protective gear if you are in doubt. Damage may also occur by crashing with other windsurfers so sail with caution particularly at crowded places. Before going out always learn the new spots, give the right of way and respect locals.

Off the water
Besides opening the vent screw while not sailing, try to keep your board away from direct sunlight even between sessions. Extensive UV exposure may fade the paint and crack footpads and footstraps. Periodically check and tighten the footstrap and fin screws if necessary. Installing a new fin or set of fins never force them in place, make sure they fit easily. Some fins may differ in base size so you may need to sand them to fit. The majority of the damages happen off the water by impact of hard objects, so please take special care during transportation and storage. Always keep your board in a boardbag. For airline transportation use suitable travel bags and apply extra protection (neoprene, harness) to the nose, tail and rails, but do not pack your mast, boom or any sharp object along. Salt water is absolutely not harmful to your board but occasional fresh water cleaning may help preserving the condition of the footpads and footstraps.

Warranty claim
You have to send detailed pictures, videos and explanation of the circumstances of the defect to for us to consider the case. We will approve the claim if the reason of the defect is clearly failure of workmanship or false material. In the case of approval, we will decide in short order if replacement or warranty repair should take place. We reserve the right to refuse the claim if the board is used after detecting the defect or repair is attempted. Damages caused by external impact or contact with solvents and other chemicals are not covered by the warranty.

Always have professional workshops to repair your board. We offer to send the needed portions of the original materials and paints to your local repair workshop. In case you consider doing the repair yourself please send us pictures of the damage as we could give you proper advice.

Enjoy your MAUI ULTRA FINS board by MOJO!