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MUF board range "be" by MOJO

We proudly present the first Maui Ultra Fins board, the beRACER.

Our board for both – windsurfing & foiling!

Our beRACER is a very fast and exciting freerace board which is in perfect harmony with our freeride and race fins. However, it is not limited to excellent windsurfing but also optimized for foiling with a bit wider outline and optimized foot stance positions. It features a straight rocker line, a vee hull on the verge to a double concave as well as edgier rails. The deck is very efficient with a large flat section and a hollow area around the mast base.

The beRACER significantly reduces your board range: One board for both disciplines – less is more!

Our boards are built by MOJO, an outstanding custom board maker from Budapest, Hungary. So Maui Ultra Fins with MOJO inside!

Sizes: 115, 125 and 135 litres – all equipped with Foil-Tuttlebox

Weight and measures: Depending on size and construction.

The beRACER can now be ordered: