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MUF Windfoil 4:ALL


  • The Maui Ultra Fins R&D team led by Rick Hanke (R & D) and Kurosh Kiani (design, testing) have come up with a great beginner to very advanced windsurf foil after three years of development. The MUF WINDFOIL 4:ALL will get you on the foil, carry you through your jibes and let you fly with freeride and race sails alike.
  • The most overall foil possible is completely produced in the European Union.
  • Other models and wings will follow soon.
  • All parts can be combined in the modular system of the whole foil range. So masts, wings and fuselages can be swapped depending on the conditions and the setting.


  • Developed as an overall windsurf foil for freeriding, freeracing and even basic freestyling
  • Ease of use / most overall foil possible
  • Very linear lift
  • Flying starts at 8 knots
  • Excellent stability
  • Always in control using your stance and sail
  • Great for upwind / downwind cruising
  • Very good jibing
  • Excellent for manoeuvres, freestyle tricks like board 360…
  • To be sailed with all sail styles and sizes, from freestyle sails to fully cambered race sails
  • Modular system (masts, wings, fuselage)


  • Light due to high-end construction
  • Very sturdy foil parts
  • Salt-water-proof finish
  • Includes padded carrying bag and all screws / washers


  • German engineering
  • Complete production in European Union
  • Optimized high-end carbon fibre layup


Carbon mast

  • 95 cm – perfect balance!
  • 1,500 g – one of the lightest on the market!
  • Tempered Italian T430 high modules prepreg carbon (autoclave curing)
  • Excellent torsional stiffness
  • Additional carbon fibre protection at the front and the base of the mast to increase stiffness and durability
  • Insert positions placed in the mold, not drilled
  • Finish coating to increase mast longevity and surface tension for higher speed

Carbon front and rear wings

  • RTM molding
  • front wing: 840 cm2 area
  • front wingspan: 82 cm
  • front wing weight: 635 g
  • rear wing: 260 cm2 area
  • rear wingspan: 42 cm
  • rear wing weight: 155 g
  • 3 screws connect the front wing with the fuselage
  • 2 screws are used for the tail wing
  • no adjustments of wings needed (or possible) for ease of use

Aluminium fuselage

  • 101.4 cm
  • 1,630 g
  • Use of extremely sturdy 6082 aluminium milled to perfection
  • Outstanding aerodynamic shape
  • Certified saltwater resistance
  • Excellent match of stability and agility
  • Saddle to connect the wings without torsion
  • Additional high-end coating against corrosion


from March 2020


€ 1,799


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