We proudly present our board range, the  beBOARDS  by Maui Ultra Fins with MOJO inside!

At the beginning of 2020, our team decided to set up a long-term cooperation with a great and growing European custom board manufacturer to create some unique board designs that meet the demand for true hybrid boards.

Our mutual focus is on having the best crossover boards for windsurfing and foiling alike so you can reduce your quiver to boards with the widest wind range possible. Less is more!

So far, we have designed and launched two lines:

  •  beRACER , a very fast, yet easy to ride freerace board

  •  beSTYLER , a very versatile and loose freestyle board that caters even for the most advanced sailor

Both have been thoroughly tested and approved by our team in various conditions. They truly excel with fin and foil alike!

We are currently working on a third series, the  beSUPER  for SUPing, windsurfing and winging – wait and be surprised!

The whole range features light boards – but with extremely reinforced boxes and extra strong bottom and oversized deck panels for maximum durability.

MOJO really caters for details, from inox anti-twist double foot strap plugs to maintenance free Gore-Tex auto-vent valves.

All boards are made to order by MOJO Boards in Budapest, Hungary, have a 12-month warranty and ship worldwide at affordable rates. We do offer great bundles with our fin and foil range, just check out the individual setups.

Feel free to ask any question on individual setups!

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